Patrik Dařílek Emperor

"My personal interpretation of an unrelenting passion for quality and artistic craftsmanship"

Patrik Dařílek
Patrik Dařílek

Highest form of hand crafted bespoke by Patrik Dařílek

Pushing the physical boundaries of handworking the finest fabrics and raising the professional standard of what the world considers luxury tailor-made. Fulfilment of Patrik Dařílek's vision on his twenty-five year journey through highest form of bespoke tailoring.

The journey of Patrik Dařílek
Suit fabric Super 180 – wool and cashmere. Shirt fabric 170/2ply. Tie – printed 7 fold silk satin. Pocket square – silk satin.

Genesis of personal shirt collection

During the production process in the workshop, the deciding factors are numbers and an obsession with precision – shapes, millimetres, the thinness of needle and thread, the number of stitches, number of layers being stitched, the fineness and number of fibres in the yarn from which the fabric was woven.

The deciding factors in life are a unique style and great feeling of use, enhanced by the exceptional softness of the cloth and the optimal shape of the silhouette.

Personal shirt collection

The art of handcrafted bespoke suit

Carrying on the legacy of forebears and a traditional craft dating back to 1850. Classic production methods of top-of-the-line hand tailoring linked to a unique system of constructing a personal design.

Bespoke suits

Respect for unique personality

Dialogue, personality, lifestyle. The philosophy of a personal collection of shirts and custom suits, prepared through top-of-the-line hand tailoring.

Unique personality

Made in Prague

"I am honoured that I can carry on the tradition of Prague haute fashion from the turn of the 20th century built up by such professionals as Vendelín Mottl, Hugo Orlik, František Bárta and others. They were instrumental in establishing the excellent reputation of Czech tailoring and fashion design in the first half of the 20th century, both at home and abroad."

All bespoke clothing we offer our clients is sewn at our company's headquarters here in Prague.

This demanding process requires constant personal contact with the course of production, maximum attention to the smallest detail and permanent handicraft precision.