Dialogue and searching

One man. Many roles and a diverse range of opportunities. Dialogue and analysis of one's lifestyle is the start on the path to personal style and collections that can live the life of their owner.

Ultra classic, traditional classic, solemnity, playfulness and wit or extravagance.

This governs the material, pattern, cut and the finest details.

Afternoon casual style

Jacket from 100% silk.

Distinctive business stylel

Suit fabric Super 180 – wool and cashmere. Shirt 170/2ply. Tie woven 7 fold silk jacquard . Pocket square white poplin 200/2ply.

Evening and special occasion

Suit fabric Super 180 – wool and silk. Shirt Giza 45 240/2ply. Festive set of the tie and pocket square made of silk jacquard.


We choose from dozens of style options based on the most suitable shapes of collars, front plackets, cuffs, pockets, lapels, front shapes, button plackets and many other details. There are more than 2 100 shirtings and over 1 000 suit fabrics at our immediate disposal, in private or exclusive collections.

What will become an ultra classic business suit made of Super 180 material of combined wool and cashmere.

A big bin for what is merely almost perfect

We have internally perfected the art of throwing out whatever isn't absolutely perfect. But this is not a mere vanity or empty gesture. Only in this way can we meet the expectations and needs of those who have honoured us with their patronage and confidence.

A 0.62 mm thin needle, two shades of blue special silk embroidery thread, 520 minutes of hand sewing on a single jacket.
Absolute precision in following the design during cutting, shaping, stitching and sewing. Regardless of time and amount of material cut.
28 500 stitches connecting the layers of this poplin – 15 stitches per cm, 19 m in total.


Partnership based on personal reputation originates with a handshake. A gentleman's agreement as an expression of trust.