The fineness of the most refined fabrics

In the language of numbers, a fibre diameter from 15.4 to 13.0 μ. Australian and New Zealand Super 170 to 210 wool. Vicuña, cashmere, silk and linen, or a combination thereof. Special sophisticated yarns combined with precious metals and minerals.

A jacket made of 100% cashmere.

The moment when a worthy partner for bespoke shirts comes in the form of a suit made with the same passion and precision

Exceptional construction of personal style and subsequent craftsmanship. Many years of experience in the world of shirts intertwined with the world of suits. Layers. An optimal silhouette.

Maximum comfort and mobility. Stability of shape. This is all possible due to the specific design of the collar, chest layers, lapels, shoulders, shoulder pads and sleeve heads as required by each specific body.

100% silk lining with decorative prick stitch – 0.42 mm needle used.
Partially completed coat, jacket and suit – 100% merino, mix of 80% merino and 20% cashmere, mix of 50% merino and 50% silk, interlining 100% silk.
Blue mother of pearl button with logo – 4 mm thick button carved from the shell of Australian pearl oysters.

The skill of human hand is irreplaceable from the first cut to the final press

158 hours of manual work on each unique suit. Three types of sewing and embroidery needle and thread, over 120 000 stitches. Silk lining.

Unmistakable, buttonholes sewn with silk thread, magnificent mother of pearl buttons.

Refinement of model with accessories

Suit Super 170 – merino wool and silk. Shirt 140/2ply. Tie – 7 fold printed silk satin. Pocket square – silk satin.
Custom shirt collection of Emperor cufflinks in 17 colours complementing the shirt and suit buttons.
Como – woven, Pescara – made of seven to eleven fold construction of silk jacquard or satin.