Detailed construction of a personal style

Twenty-five to thirty body measurements taken. Paper, pencil, ruler and French curve. Mathematical calculations, design plan, points connected by lines and curves. Precision down to the millimetre.

A French curve used for modelling an armhole.

Material made to be touched

Fabrics woven from the finest double-twisted cotton yarn. The essence of softness understood only by a few Italian weaving mills. This is where limited and exclusive collections are made.

Monograms available in 148 colours. Overt or covert, but always highly personal.
Mother-of-pearl shirt buttons – hand-carved, sanded, polished and hand dyed.
Twill, poplin, oxford, sateen – double twisted yarns in the warp and weft.

Brilliant craftsmanship

An original manner of designing the collar and cuffs. With the thinnest needle and thread, twelve to fifteen stitches per centimetre, a two-millimetre overlapping side seam and hem, button holes sewn with two-hundred-eighty stitches. Breathtaking precision on extremely fine fabric.


Shirt – 15 stitches per cm and 2mm hem on shirting made of 170/2PLY Cotton Sea Island.
Pre-sewing the collar band before sewing the complete collar onto the shirt neck
Compact windowpane check combined with floral motif.

Perfectionism of fitting

The question of harmony of body and spirit, symmetry in asymmetry. The answer is two to three trial shirts. Only a detailed analysis of the last sample, which the client uses regularly, allows a perfect final shirt to be created and subsequently a personal collection of shirts.

A pinned correction of shoulder defects and undercutting of the collar after fitting of the first trial shirt.