"As a boy I spent a lot of time with my grandmother at a small weaving mill in Eastern Bohemia. More than forty years have passed and I still spend time in weaving mills. Of course, now they are in Italy. They smell the same and are still full of the same heat and noise."

Patrik Dařílek

The start of the story of perfect shirts

Patrik Dařílek has been working with clothing, fabrics and highest form of hand crafted bespoke for a quarter century. He has devoted his professional life to surpassing material and tailoring standards as well as developing and cultivating them.

His work in the field of custom clothing was preceded by eleven years improving processes in the industrial manufacture of luxury ready-made shirts for the Canadian and US market, where he had the honour and opportunity to work with the most famous French Canadian designers.

Under his own Emperor brand he then began to pursue his own personal vision. Thanks to constant evolution he continued to develop individual shaping and crafting techniques. He created a uniquely designed and crafted bespoke shirt and redefined the industry standard for luxury shirts.

Milestones on the path through the world of shirts

In 1998 the workshop introduced the world to a shirt made of millimetre-thin striped poplin of a quality 140/2ply Cotton Sea Island, sewn with 9 stitches per cm. The collar and cuffs of this shirt bore details of these strips breaking off and connecting at an angle.

In 2013 his workshop issued a model of a shirt made of cotton poplin of 300/2ply quality with details on the collar and cuffs that were not sewn on, but sewn together in a single layer. In addition, the whole shirt was sewn at an unbelievable 15 stitches per cm.

He is currently experimenting with production using shirting woven from material even finer than 300/2ply.

"I used to build model planes at 1/48 scale. It taught me to perceive even the slightest detail. And not to rely on what was pre-made. What wasn't in the kit, I made myself as needed."

Floral print embedded without any dividing in white poplin sewn in a single layer that forms the collar leaf. The same technique is used for the shirt's cuffs. Overcoming physical limits in working with fabric.

From the production of luxury prêt-à-porter to highest form of hand crafted bespoke

When the perfect can be even more perfect. Patrik has the soul of a modeller and building complicated wholes with a precision of millimetres has always fascinated and fulfilled him. The goal is the maximum possible consistency of the model scaled from the original design.

True bespoke is a philosophy, a tradition and a commitment to top craftsmanship

The whole creative process is based solely on the skill of human hands in the form of the most traditional craft techniques and modelling of the optimum silhouette.

Detail of working the sleeve seam. Jacket material – cashmere and silk. Design lining 100% silk.